Snow Report

Al Roberts - Friday, December 9, 2022 3:41am

New Snow (reset at 3pm) 24h Snow 7 Day Snow Season Total Base Depth

Avalanche Ratings

Below TreelineModerate
12 cm 21 cm 49 cm 254 cm 115 cm
Subpeak Temp (2340m) Ripper Temp (1960m) Village Temp (512m) Windspeed Wind Direction
-10° C -13° C -1° C 17 km/h SE

Weather Forecast, Conditions & Terrain Openings

Cloudy with scattered flurries. Snow: 4 cm Freezing level: 600 metres. Alpine temperature: High -9 °C. Ridge wind south: 30 km/h.

Recent low density storm snow will likely be redistributed by moderate winds overnight and as a result, Ski Patrol will be conducting some checks in avalanche terrain this morning. More snow in the forecast tonight will help with coverage, but there are still many unmarked rocks/obstacles to be cautious about. If you are heading to the backcountry you can get all the details on the snowpack at Have a good day.

Kill the Banker




Lower North Bowl


Lemming Line


Three Bears


Greely Bowl


Stoke Chair

Green The Last Spike Groomed
Green Greenhorn Groomed
Green Ripper Connector Groomed
Blue Hollywood Groomed
Blue Critical Path Groomed
Blue Bread & Butter Open
Black Snow Rodeo Open
Black Pitch Black Open
Black Devil's Club Open
Black Hot Sauce Open

Stellar Chair

Green Big Bend Groomed
Green Over Easy Groomed
Green Bacon & Eggs Groomed
Blue Fowlie's Lap Groomed
Blue Practically Pro Open

Ripper Chair

Green Downtowner Groomed
Blue Burn Down Open
Blue Blow Down Open
Blue Sally Alley Groomed
Blue Chopper Closed

Stoke Base to Revelation Lodge

Green The Last Spike Groomed
Green Sunshine Open
Green Little Bit Groomed
Blue Snow Rodeo Open
Blue Fast Fred's Groomed
Blue Feller Buncher Open
Blue Wooley Bully Open
Blue Devil's Club Open
Blue Short Final Open
Blue Lightning Rod Open
Black Pitch Black Open
Black Cannonball Open
Black Hickory Run Open
Black Short Shot Open

Revelation Lodge to Village Base

Green The Last Spike Groomed
Blue Tickle Trunk Closed
Blue Home Run Closed
Blue Locomotion Closed
Blue Tumbelina Closed
Blue Snow Rodeo Closed
Blue Devil's Club Closed
Blue Follow Me Closed

Avalanche Zones inside the operating boundary are clearly marked with OPEN (yellow) or CLOSED (red) warning signage. Trespassers will have their passes revoked and may be subject to prosecution. Persons leaving the operating boundary do so at their own risk. Minimum rescue cost is $1000.00. Backcountry information is available at or 1-800-667-1105.