Hiking Guide

Adventurous hiking trails are yours to explore in Revelstoke's interior rainforest and alpine.

Hiking in rainforest and alpine

Whether you're hiking with the family or looking for an advanced mountaineering traverse, you'll love the wide variety of trails to discover in and around the town.

Beginner Hiking Trails

Short and gentle excursions that are ideal for family outings.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort offers a scenic hiking trail from the village to Revelation Lodge, winding through the meadows and glades of lower mountain. Enjoy the wildflowers and combine with a delicious breakfast buffet to make a full morning of fun.

In the height of summer, ride the upper Gondola to Mackenzie Outpost - one mile high - and explore gentle walking trails in the subalpine rainforest.

Revelstoke's beautiful Green Belt, a 3km paved trail following the Columbia and Illecillewaet rivers is just outside downtown. The trail is accessible from Centennial Park, just past the Community Centre. Enjoy great views of the surrounding mountains and if you're feeling adventurous, step off the paved path and explore the many trails that wind across the flats.

The Nels Nelsen historical area in Mt. Revelstoke National Park offers 2km and 5km loops on wide doubletrack through lush interior rainforest on the lower slopes of the Selkirk Mountains, right next to town. Simply take the paved path behind the Railway Museum and follow the signage. If you want to extend your walk, explore Inspiration Woods trail, available from the halfway point of the 5k trail.

The Meadows in the Sky loop is also available at the top of Mt. Revelstoke National Park and provides an easy way to experience the beauty of Revelstoke's alpine wildflower blooming season.

Williamson Lake off Airport Way has a gentle trail right next to a charming public beach and recreational area. Enjoy a quick stroll and follow up with a refreshing swim!

Intermediate Hiking Trails

Longer hikes, perfect for a morning or afternoon activity.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort offers longer scenic hiking trails starting from the top of the Revelation Gondola. Try out the new Stoke Climb or Greely Trail which bring you up into the alpine with half of the effort thanks to the lift!

The Mount Begbie Falls trail is just off Highway 23 South, 10 minutes outside town, and is a 1-2 hour hike through the lush rainforest, crossing creeks and passing rock climbing areas.

The Summit Trail in Mount Revelstoke National Park takes you from the valley to the peak, crossing the Meadows in the Sky parkway and offering great valley lookouts at numerous spots.

Mount Revelstoke National Park also offers longer trails available from the top, including the trail to Miller and Eva lakes, a pair of beautiful, azure blue alpine lakes fed by snowmelt.

Advanced Hiking Trails

Ideal for a full-day activity or shorter high-intensity workout, with incredible views at every turn.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort offers two advanced technical hiking trails, Kill The Banker and Subpeak Loop feature steep pitches and rocky terrain perfect for those looking for a challenge.

Jade Lakes trail is Mount Revelstoke National Park's longest. A full-day hike in and out, prepare to be stunned by the views of the alpine and the beautiful snowmelt-fed alpine lakes at the end of the trail.

Frisby Ridge is a service road-accessed hike from the subalpine forest to alpine meadows, with a descent to a lake and cabin at the turnaround point. This trail is mixed-use, so pay attention and watch out for bikers!

Glacier National Park offers numerous spectacular and lengthy hikes from several different locations, including Balu Pass, Abbott Ridge, the Great Glacier trail, Hermit trail, and Beaver Valley trail.

Revelstoke Trail Guide

Get a local's perspective on the best trails in and around Revelstoke.

Mt. Revelstoke National Park

Access trails from town or take a paved scenic drive to the alpine.

Glacier National Park

Take a day trip to the wild landscapes of Rogers Pass.

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