Revelstoke - The #BCAdventureProject by Moves Media

http://http://www.movesmedia.com/bcadventureproject/ Revelstoke may be one of the best kept secrets in BC. Everything in the above video was shot in a 3-day period by video production company Moves Media. 8 hours from Vancouver and 4.5 hours from Calgary, Revelstoke is a small town with a big mountain. The mountain can be described in one word, STEEP! Revelstoke has the longest vertical decent of any resort in North America. It’s impossible to conceptualize what this means until you ski it for yourself. This is one of the few big mountain resorts where you can take an entire run without seeing another person and get straight on a chair without any wait. Beyond the resort Revelstoke is a mountain warrior’s paradise. Home to professional athletes like Nadine Overwater (Professional Snow...

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