Do Opening Day Like a Pro

November 25 2015

It’s the day us keeners have been waiting for since April and it’s finally (almost) here.

November 28 is Opening Day and if you’re anything like us you’ve spent the last month religiously checking the snow report, pressing refresh on Gnorm’s webcam , and eagerly anticipating the moment the lifts will start spinning again.

Photo: Royce Sihlis

Over 320cm of snow have already fallen this season and the coverage at the top of the mountain is unreal for this time of year, so, it’s time to make your plans for Opening Day!

Everybody has their own Opening Day traditions- camping overnight, a certain run they hit first, buddies they always shred with and, of course, favourite après spots.

Photo: Royce Sihlis

Never been here for Opening Day? Don’t worry, we asked our 2015-16 Pro Team their opening day traditions so you can be primed to do opening day like a pro!

Izzy Lynch: “I love lining up early!!! Not absurdly early, but I think part of the fun of opening day is the line-up hype, so I usually get there around 7am with a big coffee in hand! Getting first tracks right under the chair is pretty fun if you are near the front of the line! I love the opening day reunion. Après, definitely!” 

Dane Tudor: “Get in line early, shred hard all day long!  Apres?  A little rockford session with the crew before heading home to pass out, pooched after a monster day of skiing!”

Photo: Royce Sihlis

Chris Rubens:  “I used to be super keen and get up early. Now I don’t show up until 9AM. By then the line has died down and I can more or less walk on the gondi and there are still lots of freshies- so it’s a win-win! My first run most years is Separate Reality. It’s a great warm up run with lots of fun jumps all the way down, it also skis excellent in almost all conditions.” 

Greg Hill: “It’s a family tradition that I shred with the kids. They have skied at RMR every opening day since the first year and we will hopefully continue this tradition for years. At age 9 and 10 they haven't asked me to go line up early yet but I imagine we are not far away from the 5 am start. Typically we head up there for some fun and food.  A soft intro to the season.”

Seb Grondin: “I usually go bright and early on opening day and get psyched from everyone's good vibes in the lineup. I go up with a couple of homies, most likely, we will all have lost each other by the second lap. Then it's tag along with whoever I run into and maybe a few solo laps until the legs can’t take anymore. I try to make that last gondy… I said I try! Later on, I catch up with everyone and maybe have a couple quiet ones, maybe...”

Photo: Zoya Lynch

Jake Teuton: “For opening day I usually camp out at the bottom with a bunch of buddies, try to enjoy the night the best we can! For first run, I always go to lift line (SWF), it's definitely the best run on opening day. Usually we don't stop for food or drinks, the best time of the day is when everyone goes for lunch!” 

Leah Evans: “I’m usually somewhere mid-line as I like to make sure I have enough snacks and layers to keep me going in line! Separate Reality is my go to run, I love that run. For après, I generally go to the Village Idiot. It feels like Christmas every year it's just become an annual thing!”

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