9 Tips to Nail Your First Day at Revelstoke Mountain Resort

January 14 2020

From where to park to how to use the lifts, here's a handy compilation of insider tips and tricks to help make a seamless first trip to Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

Photo: Royce Sihlis

Tip #1: Book early & save 

This is a must. You’ll save up to 42% off the window ticket rate. The more days you ski, the more you save! The best deals are offered when you book early, so keep your eyes open well in advance of the winter for the best savings.

Tip #2: Be an RFID pro 

The Resort is equipped with RFID gates which check your tickets as you load the gondola. Be an RFID pro and load your pass on your left-hand side in a secure pocket away from your phone and wallet. Keep your card, reload it online, and save $5 on any return trips. Ikon Passes are already set up to work with our RFID gates, so skip the trip to Guest Services and head straight for the gondola.  

Tip #3: Parking lots on the left are ski-in, ski-out 

If you didn’t opt for a suite in the Sutton Place Hotel, you can still have a taste of ski-in, ski-out luxury (without the hot tub, unfortunately). The parking lots to the left are located just uphill from the gondola base. That means you can click into your bindings and be at the base in a few turns instead of walking another few metres in your ski boots. That said, if there are parking attendants directing cars make sure you follow their instructions.  

Tip #4: Check the weather & webcams before heading up the hill 

Conditions can change a lot over 5,620 vertical feet and it pays to take a quick look at the webcams, snow report and forecast before loading the gondola. It’s a long way down if you need a warmer layer or chose the wrong lens for your goggles.  

 Photo: Royce Sihlis

Tip #5: Note where the bathrooms and water fountains are 

How’s this for a quick and dirty tip? There are public restrooms at the base (next to La Baguette), at Revelation Lodge (mid-station of the gondola), at the bottom of the Ripper Chair and the top of the gondola. Fill your water bottles up at the base below Guest Services, at Revelation Lodge in the Begbie Lounge, or the Mackenzie Outpost. 

Tip #6: Unload at mid-station

At some resorts, if you're heading to the top, the doors of the gondola will swing open and you are meant to remain inside, the doors will close and the gondola carries on its merry little way. We are not one of those resorts. The Revelation Gondola is actually built on two separate lines and unless you want to ride around and get sent back to the base, all skiers and snowboarders must unload and load the upper section to reach the top.

 Photo: Hywel Williams

Tip #7: Choose the terrain based on conditions and visibility 

The ski resort has several alpine bowls and glades as well as lower elevation terrain. Keep the conditions in mind when choosing where to ski. If it’s socked in with poor visibility in the bowls, your best bet is to go explore the glades – try Powder Monkey off Ripper Chair or Tally Ho off Stoke Chair. Get the most out of a bluebird afternoon by skiing in South Bowl and into Jalapeño or Hot Sauce which see the sunshine the longest. Take a look at our Mountain Guide by Ability for some more suggestions on where to ski based on your ability level or hire a guide who can show you to all of the best zones. 

Tip #8: Watch for terrain opening

We’re all drooling for the steeps after a storm and Patrol does their best to open all our terrain as quickly and as safely as possible. Respect the closures, they are there to keep you safe and could cost you your pass if you decide to duck the rope. Keep an eye out as new terrain opens on our snow report page or by checking the boards at the top of the chairlifts. If you really want the inside scoop on when terrain is opening, hire a guide. They're equipped with a radio and will be in the loop once Patrol drops any ropes. 

 Photo: Hywel Williams

Tip #9: On multi-day tickets, use your rest day 

Each multi-day ticket has one rest day: that means if you buy a three-day ticket, you have four consecutive days to use it. Spend your off-day poking around the shops at the base for a new tee shirt designed by local artists, finishing the book you brought or enjoying a drink without the pressure to head back up the chairlift. After all, a ski vacation is still a vacation and fresh legs will help you ski more terrain and ride it better.

If you still have questions, take a look at our First Timer's Guide to Revelstoke Mountain Resort or reach out on Facebook or Instagram. Happy riding! 

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