How to Have the Best Opening Day Ever

November 28 2014

Opening Day is finally upon us!

We're stoked to announce incredible snow coverage! Mother nature has pulled through and delivered enough snow for top to bottom skiing on Opening Day.

While most terrain will be open and you won't need the rock skis, temperature variations following the last storm mean snow conditions have become variable based on altitude. Please pay close attention to on-mountain signage and Ski Patrol to maximise your experience on Opening Weekend.

With all that awesome on the menu what is the best way to make the most of Opening Day 2014/15?! Who better to get the goods from than our Revelstoke Outdoors Centre Manager, Dan Sculnick?

Dan is getting set for his seventh opening day here at Revelstoke Mountain Resort and I asked him to share his tips for having the BEST opening day ever.

First off, what time should I get to the mountain?

Friday at noon…if you are a die-hard and want to join the dozens of people who camp out for a chance to be on the first chair! More realistically 7am on opening day will get you up the mountain with plenty of untouched terrain still to be enjoyed.

What should I be prepared for when I arrive?

This season be prepared for awesome snow, lots of people and high energy.

What is the best way to make time in line fun?

Meet new people, share a few stories, dance to the music being pumped out by Stoke FM, and enjoy an awesome hot beverage from La Baguette. Also, make sure to dress for the weather- a line up is always more fun when you are cozy and warm! 

What is the atmosphere like?

Pumped, amped, energized, electric and all those kinds of descriptors.

Where should I head when I get up the mountain?

Returnees: take off for your favourite spot with all your friends! If you are new to the mountain get the low down from Patrol on the day, or take the time in line to make friends with some locals, or eavesdrop on all the people nearby excitedly plotting out their days!

Any strategies you are willing to share?

Nope... No friends on a powder day OR opening day.

… It was worth a try!!

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