Opening Day at RMR!

November 30 2011

We are excited to open for the season this Saturday Dec 3, 2011!  Snowfall has been incredible leading up to the season start with 43cm of fresh snowfall this past week.

Starting this Saturday December 3, 2011, the resort is open for 7 day operations with first upload on the Revelation Gondola at 8:30am and the last chair on The Stoke at 3:00pm.  With The Ripper and The Stoke chair in operation, open terrain includes access to the North Bowl plus all runs to the base of The Stoke chairlift.

Mid-mountain Lodge and the village base can be accessed by download from the top of the Revelation Gondola.  Any terrain below the base of The Stoke chairlift is considered outside the operational ski area boundary.   We have received generous snowfall to date but please be aware that conditions are Early Season with a caution for potential natural hazards .

Opening Weekend Services

In the Village:  Guest Services, Rentals, Repair, Retail, and ROC (call ROC for available services - 1.866.373.4754 or 250.814.5060)

Food & Beverage:  Rockford Wok|Bar|Grill, Wino: The Wine Bar (NEW!), Mid-Mountain Lodge, and Mackenzie Outpost (featuring new service from La Baguette)

Lifts:  Revelation Gondola (for upload and download only), The Stoke, and The Ripper

To help build the excitement for this Saturday, check out this inspiring blog entry and view some great photos from Sneak Peek Weekend at RMR, by Bruno Long - RMR Groomer (and an original from Powder Springs Ski Resort days) and member of our new community ambassador team, The Revylution:

Occupy The Line – by Bruno Long

It's 11pm on Friday night.  The skies are clear and the air is cold.  I should be at home, sleeping in my warm bed, resting up for opening day at Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

Instead, I am staring at 25 or so dedicated skiers and boarders who are camping at the base of the hill in hopes of nabbing first tracks.  Tents are set up in the maze, forming an impromptu base camp.  It's late but people are still buzzing with anticipation.  Some are well prepared, with sleeping bags, warm jackets and down booties.  Others, came ready to ski and have little more than a few beers and a space blanket to keep them warm though the night.  Boards are waxed on the hard concrete, while others sit around a makeshift campfire consisting of one tea light.  I take a few pictures to capture the moment and decide to head home.  My warm bed seems much more inviting than the cold, hard concrete mattress that some will sleep on tonight.  As I walk back to my truck, I can't help but feel a slight twinge of jealousy at those dedicated souls who will suffer through the night for an opportunity at some untracked powder runs.

The next morning, I arrive at the hill an hour before opening.  I know I am much too late to get anywhere close to the front of the line but I am not here to wait with the throngs of riders, hoping for first tracks on my favorite run.  I am here to capture the essence of 'The Lineup'.  I check in with the overnight campers; the tents and sleeping bags are gone.  The cold night seems to not have had an effect on them and their spirits are high. They have done it.  They will be on first chair of the year, something they will lay claim to for years and deservedly so. From the start of the line, I lift myself onto my toes to survey the line.  It extends further and further back, with more cars and people arriving every minute.  As I scan the crowd and talk with friends, I see all types of snow enthusiasts. Skiers and snowboarders sharing stories of past openings.  Young kids, possibly at their first opening day experience.  Locals who remember waiting for first t-bar (not first gondola).  Professional riders, guides and local business owners all wait their turn.  There is even a group that has brought their own stove and are offering people free hot chocolate while they 'Occupy' and inform people through political songs.  Even with all this diversity, there is a unified feeling in the air.  Everyone is here for the exact same reason, to slide around on snow at their local hill for the first time this season.  Well over 500 hundred people have gathered at the base to catch a sneak peak at what Revelstoke Mountain Resort has in store for the season.  With a fantastic start and a deep November base, surely none will be disappointed. 

At exactly 8:30 am, those who suffered through the night finally get their chance to load the first gondola of the year.  They cram into the cabin and just before the door closes, they look at me and cheer.  They fade away into the fog and I wonder about their first run.  Where will they go?  Will the suffering be worth it?  It almost certainly will be.  As I watch each cabin fill up and the lineup slowly dissipate, I realize that it is time for me to reflect on my own first day experience.  As I walk back up to my truck and finally put on my own boots, I wonder what my first run will be  As I ski towards the maze through the remnants of 'The Lineup' to get my pass scanned for the first time this season, I know somewhere high above the Stoke chair, people are skiing their favorite runs and have already forgotten about the long wait they had in the morning.  I step into the gondola and as the door closes, I already know where my first run will take me.

View Bruno's photos from Sneak Peek Weekend

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