Ski Town Throwdown: #VoteRevy

October 10 2014

The endless powder, the epic terrain, the bustling town, the amazing community…

All are great answer to the question, ‘Why are you voting for Revelstoke in the Third Annual Ski Town Throwdown?’

The Powder Magazine competition gets into full swing on Monday (Oct. 13) when Revelstoke takes on Mount Washington, the winner of this year’s first ever play-in round.

We may enter the competition as the number one seed and the town to beat based on Powder’s calculation, but anyone who followed along last year knows that, despite everything we have to offer, we suffered a heartbreaking defeat in the semi-finals of the online showdown.

So, this year we are after the elusive title and we are counting on YOU to help us take the crown!

All you have to do is #VoteRevy!

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Yes, we know the first day of voting is on Thanksgiving Monday, but we’re not asking a lot - just take a moment while you’re in your turkey coma (or tofurkey coma) to give thanks for this amazing ski town.

Still need convincing? Here you go:

Thanks for voting!

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