Spring Skiing Pro Tips

March 24 2016

Sunshine, pow, corduroy and cold pints on the patio.

Spring at Revelstoke Mountain Resort is a welcomed time of year even for the most diehard ski bums.

After a winter of the grey days, (those are the norm when you get 30-45 feet of snow each year!) when March rolls around with its long days and sunshine, it makes way for a whole other type of riding, one that can be just as fun if you do it right.

Here are some tips from our local pros for having the best time when the temps start to elevate:

Zoya Lynch

Try to hit the north facing slopes first thing in the morning. There is usually some great chalky packed-powder in north bowl. As soon as the south facing slopes have heated up, head over to Tally-ho for some epic slushy tree skiing!

Chris Rubens

One of the best parts of spring is you don’t need to get up early. Have an extra coffee at La Baguette and let the snow soften, but make sure you stay to the end because it just keeps getting better! It’s best to stay on the front side of the mountain, but don’t forget the sneaker spring powder days when North Bowl is firing. Hot laps down the front are pretty awesome, but I have to go with one of my all-time favourite- Separate Reality. When it gets soft and you can hit the jumps it is so fun. Plus, now you can link right into the new park.

Leah Evans

First off, Make sure you wear sunscreen and also work on your goggle tan! Then makes sure you make time to take in the views! You have such a great contrast of snow covered mountains and the valley with tints of gold grass and the blue river. Enjoy the relaxed vibe and having time to catch up with friends while sitting in the sun. 

Seb Grondin

Spring at RMR is so sick because we often get sunny pow days! You can take advantage of the upper mountain’s deep pow and then come down the valley and enjoy a cold one with your friends on the sunny patio! Then, when it gets to slushy laps, we now have a very fun park which you can get to via all sort of fun natural hit runs, keep your eyes peeled for them, they are everywhere.

Jake Teuton

My favourite run when spring hits is probably Separate Reality down to the new park- which has been so fun these past few spring days! Most important thing though is to get a good crew of friends, do as many laps as you can and enjoy the view! 

RMR Staff Tip

When the temperatures get too high on the lower mountain you actually do yourself a disservice by trying to groom the runs there because you can damage them for the rest of the season. Instead on those days the grooming team focuses on all the big runs off the top of The Stoke: Hot Sauce, Snow Rodeo, Pitch Black, Critical Path, Bread and Butter are all on the hit list. So when you notice the temperatures are higher on the lower mountain, it’s time to get after the upper mountain cord!

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