Summer Adventures

Come back from your vacation with memories of exploring Revelstoke's vast rivers, forests, and mountain playgrounds!

Combine your outdoor adventure with a thrill ride on The Pipe Mountain Coaster, Revelstoke's #1 summer attraction!

  • If you've always wanted to fly, we've got an adventure for you!

    Take a tandem paragliding flight at Revelstoke Mountain Resort and get an eagle eye view of the most vertical in North America, the spectacular Monashee and Selkirk mountains, and the mighty Columbia River.

    Fly paragliding tandem with a fully qualified pilot, trained and approved under the standards of the Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association of Canada.

    Package Price
    Tandem Paraglide with Revelstoke Paragliding $220

    Revelstoke Paragliding Website »

  • Apex Rafting is locally owned and operated since 1993.  Raft with the Revelstoke experts!

    Step out of the ordinary and into the wild. Let Apex Rafting take you on a journey of stunning Revelstoke National Park scenery from the river perspective.

    Raft down 26km of the impressive Illecillewaet River with 20 rapids and scenic floats in between. A must-do adventure for first timers or experienced river rats alike!

    Spring/Fall: May 19 - Jun 22 / Sep 4 - Sep 9, 2018
    Package Age Price
    4 hour Apex Rafting trip, 1 Pipe Ride Adult (17+) $116
    Youth (13-16) $97
    Child (12 & under) $97
    Summer: Jun 23 - Sep 3, 2018
    4 hour Apex Rafting trip, Upper Gondola Sightseeing & Hiking, 1 Pipe Ride Adult (17+) $129
    Youth (13-16) $112
    Child (12 & under) $107
  • Real golf is played here!

    There is always something extra special about playing at a historic golf course.

    With towering trees, beautiful conditioning and a number of exceptionally scenic holes that cruise alongside the Columbia River, the Revelstoke Golf Club affords a relaxing, timeless experience. Bring your Pipe Mountain Coaster or Sightseeing ticket stub to the Revelstoke Golf Club for 10% off your round.

    Revelstoke Golf Club Website »

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