2016-12-10 12:38:37

Stoke Chair

Name Status Ability
Terrain Park Open
Ripper Connector Groomed
Critical Path Groomed
Bread & Butter Open
Hollywood Groomed
Pitch Black Open
Snow Rodeo Groomed
Greenhorn Groomed
The Last Spike Groomed
Devil's Club Open
Hot Sauce Open
Ninja Traverse Groomed

Revelation Lodge to Village Base

The Last Spike Closed
Home Run Closed
Locomotion Closed
Follow Me Closed
Snow Rodeo Closed
Devil's Club Closed
Tumbelina Closed
Tickle Trunk Closed

Stoke Base to Revelation Lodge

Name Status Ability
Pitch Black Closed
Snow Rodeo Closed
The Last Spike Closed
Devil's Club Closed
Fast Fred's Closed
Feller Buncher Closed
Cannonball Closed
Wooley Bully Closed
Hickory Run Closed
Lightning Rod Closed
Short Final Closed
Short Shot Closed
Sunshine Closed
007 Closed
Little Bit Groomed

The Ripper

Chopper Open
Denver Dollars Open
Burn Down Groomed
Sally Alley Groomed
Downtowner Groomed