Summer Sightseeing

New for 2017 - mile-high sightseeing, alpine views, and walking trails are available when you ride the upper Gondola to Mackenzie Outpost!

Glide through treetops to Revelstoke's most beautiful breakfast view, overlooking the Columbia River as it winds through the lush valley below the towering Monashee Mountains.

Make the most of your experience and combine your visit with a full buffet breakfast at Revelation Lodge at the Gondola mid-station.  Bring your appetite and your camera to capture an unforgettable dining experience!

Dogs are welcome in the village but must remain on a leash at all times. Dogs are not permitted in the gondola.

Revelation Gondola Hours

  Upper Gondola Lower Gondola
June 30 - September 4 9:00am - 5:00pm
Last upload at 4pm
7:00am - 8:00pm
Last upload at 7:30pm
Sept 5 - October 1 Unavailable 7:00am - 5:00pm
  • From the wildflower meadows of lower mountain to tranquil subalpine rainforest, hiking experiences are available for all ability levels.

    Lower Mountain  |  May 20 - Oct 1

    Bottoms Up

    Intermediate | 2.9km | ~ 1 hr

    Beginning at the south end of the village, Bottoms Up guides hikers to Revelation Lodge through a series of switchbacks, criss-crossing the glades and meadows of the lower mountain. While the trail is an easy grade it does climb, so be prepared!

    Take it Easy

    Intermediate | 2km | ~ 1 hr

    This shorter trail loops from the top of Bottoms Up to partway up the Sunshine ski run, and back down to Revelation Lodge. We recommend hiking the switchbacks up through the forest and taking the ski run back down.

    Upper Mountain  |  June 30 - Sept 4

    Cupcake Loop

    Beginner | 2.3km | ~ 45 mins

    Cupcake can be accessed from the upper Gondola station, and tracks a figure eight through the subalpine forest, crossing over itself with an elevated bridge. Hikers can choose a short loop or extend the trail further to enjoy views as the trail breaks out of the forest halfway around the extended loop.

    Kill the Banker

    Advanced | 3.7km | ~ 2 hrs

    SEPTEMBER 3 | BANK HEIST TIME TRIAL: Kill the Banker will be closed to the general public on September 3. Guests are welcome to register for this event at a cost of $20 per person. Event Details »

    This trail mirrors Revelstoke's infamous ski run of the same name, with a tough climb through steep and rocky terrain, crossing under the Gondola line and winding through boulder fields. It can be accessed from the Gondola midstation as a climb or the upper Gondola station as a descent. Either way, be prepared and make sure you have plenty of water.

  • Spectacular mountain and valley views are available on the lower mountain, while the upper mountain hosts mile-high views of glaciated peaks.

    Lower Mountain  |  May 20 - Oct 1

    Revelation Lodge

    Try our delicious buffet breakfast on the Revelation Lodge viewing deck, playing host to a panoramic view of the Monashee Mountains and Columbia River.

    Upper Mountain  |  June 30 - Sept 4

    Glacier View

    With a short stroll from Mackenzie Outpost, step out onto a viewing deck pointing towards the Monashees. Glaciated plateaus and rugged peaks stand tall amongst the clouds.

    Revelstoke View

    With a short walk through the forest, access a unique aerial view of Revelstoke. From the top of Kill the Banker's imposing cliffs, you'll see our community nestled amongst the mountains we call home.

  • Please remember this important information while enjoying sightseeing on the mountain.

    • Last Gondola upload is 4pm.
    • Last download is 5pm.
    • Cupcake trail closes at 3:30pm (to allow for sweep).
    • Viewpoint trails close at 4pm.

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