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  • All Mountain

    Salomon QST 106

    Salomon QST 106 167 / 174 / 181 / 188

    ​Excel in all playgrounds with the new QST 106. It’s powder-ready all day with on-piste reliability. Adaptable to any terrain, and quick and agile, with technology including power platform for better responsiveness and a honeycomb tail insert for less weight at the extremities.

    Salomon QST 92

    Salomon QST 92 161 / 169 / 177 / 185

    ​A narrower freeride alternative with a healthy dose of versatile tip rocker - allows you to bush through crud while still lacing zipper lines and arcing turns on steep groomers. Whether you’re skiing aggressively or just cruising, the QST 92 is up to the challenge.

    Salomon QST Stella 106

    Salomon QST Stella 106 159 / 167

    ​The Stella does it all, eating up overnight dumps with room left for secret stashes and windbuffed snow days later. Featuring all the technology of the QST men’s line, including a versatile waist width for all conditions and camber underfoot.

    Salomon QST Lumen 99

    Salomon QST Lumen 99 159 / 167

    The Stella’s little sister is a perfect choice for a less aggressive skier looking to explore the whole mountain. Still maintaining great float in powder, but with a narrower waist for easier turns, the Lumen is your best friend for when you just don’t want to compromise.

    Salomon Q-90

    Salomon Q-90 161 / 169 / 177 / 185

    A tremendous and versatile ski that demands to be driven to the far reaches of the ski area, the Salomon Q-90 gives you the confidence to rip the groomed with a Semi Sandwich construction and built-in Carve Zone, but still has enough surface area to float your boat when the going gets deeper. Light and nimble for tight spaces and tree skiing, the Q-90 also has the guts to let you stand proud when the going gets icy.

    Salomon Q Lab

    Salomon Q Lab 176 / 183 / 190

    Using the guts of Salomons Lab Race skis, and yet optimized for a lighter Freeride application and built on their ultra versatile utility rocker platform, this is the new one-ski quiver of the Salomon Freeride team. This ski uses the Honeycomb tip, which offers great maneuverability with fluid terrain absorption and their ‘hook free taper’ which offers a 5 point sidecut and a tip and tail taper to improve turn initiation and steering in soft and variable snow conditions to offer great versatility where ever you take it.

    Salomon Gemma

    Salomon Gemma 157 / 163

    Rail the resort on these women’s specific all-mountain planks. Get serious control, from hard packed groomers to icy patches, and even tracked out slopes. Salomon’s Comfortech dampening and strong edging technology grip through tough snow conditions and freewheel on soft bluebird days. A light density wood core provides stability and quick rebound; carve rocker with slight early rise tip and flat tail create a seamless carving experience and quick turn capability.

    Salomon Stella

    Salomon Stella 158 / 165

    A light but powerful ripper with the heart of a lioness, the Salomon Q-103 Stella Skis are perhaps Salomon’s best expert level women’s all mountain offering. With a 103 mm waist in the 172 length, a long and gradual rocker profile in the tip, and a relatively flat tail to lay down some edge power when you need it, the Stella kills it in all conditions without tiring you out on long days. A perfect solution for women who want to charge hard from first chair to last call with the confidence to handle two feet of powder in the morning and chop in the PM.

    Salomon Q-96 Lumen

    Salomon Q-96 Lumen 154 / 162

    The Salomon Q-96 Lumen Skis exhibit the perfect balance of on-piste and backcountry performance. With a 95 mm waist width in a 162 cm length, gradual tip rocker to help the ski float in fresh snow, and enough camber in the Salomon-designed Carve Zone to rail the corduroy when you so desire, the Q-96 Lumen really is that rare quiver-of-one you’ve been seeking.

    Salomon Q-88 Lux

    Salomon Q-88 Lux

    A great all-rounder for women who love to mix up their skiing, the Salomon Q-88 Lux Skis are wide enough to handle a bit of fresh snow while still narrow enough to carve it up on the groomed. Salomon delivers versatile ease of turning through the clever use of Hook Free Taper and their all mountain Utility Rocker profile, and the light weight means easy maneuvering in the trees and less fatigue at day’s end.

    Blizzard Bonafide

    Blizzard Bonafide 166 / 173 / 180 / 187

    Want to see what the Bonafide hype is all about? Snap a couple of turns on the renowned ski to feel what has every ski tester raving. This do-everything ski includes a 98mm waist, new Carbon Flipcore, a rocker-camber-rocker profile, and two sheets of metal. The Bonafide is the most versatile ski in Blizzard’s Freeride lineup. You can spend almost everyday next winter on the Bonafide and you won’t regret it.

    Atomic Vantage 100 CTI

    Atomic Vantage 100 CTI 172 / 180 / 188

    The Atomic Vantage 100 CTI Skis are the headliners of Atomic’s totally re-designed Vantage series, and the widest at 100 mm in the waist. If you’re looking for an all-around tool for crushing both soft and hard conditions, you must check out this ski. Significantly lighter than the Vantage Ritual it replaces, the 100 CTI has better edgehold, especially in the latter stages of the turn, and a more directional shape. Imminently suited to the traditional expert skier who wants one ski to do it all, especially in softer conditions, the Vantage 100 CTI is the new front runner in the wide but nimble 100 mm class.

    Atomic Vantage 90 CTI

    Atomic Vantage 90 CTI

    The Atomic Vantage 90 CTI grips like a high-performance piste ski, but with its All Mountain Rocker it still delivers killer performance across the mountain.

    Atomic Vantage 90 CTI W

    Atomic Vantage 90 CTI W 153 / 161 / 169

    The Holy Grail of freeskiing has long been the ski that rips the groomers and still handles soft stuff. Get ready to fill your cup and savor it with the Atomic Vantage 90 CTI Skis, Atomic’s new lighter, stronger and more precise answer. A new material called Carbon Tank Mesh allows this ski to be simultaneously stronger and lighter than previous models, and a flatter, more directional shape puts more edge on the snow for a stronger and cleaner finish to your turns. Now drink up!

  • Carve/Race

    Blizzard Brahma 88

    Blizzard Brahma 88 166 / 173 / 180 / 187

    The Brahma is the go-to ski on days when cold temps and dry spells make for firm snow conditions. Roll them over on groomers thanks to Brahma’s camber underfoot bookended by rocker in the tip and tail. Have fun carving turns on ice, blasting through crud or floating on fresh because of Carbon Flipcore Technology.

    Blizzard Power S8

    Blizzard Power S8 160 / 167 / 174

    Are you looking for one of the most precise and powerful on-piste skis available? Check out Blizzard’s Power S8. With a 72mm waist and Blizzard’s IQ integrated binding system, the Power S8 is a high performance ski with a huge sweet spot. The full wood core, vertical sidewall and two sheets of titanal give this ski an amazing blend of grip, power and smoothness. But, the most game-changing piece of technology on the Power S8 is the use of 3Matrix sidecut technology which gives the ski a very easy, yet dynamic start to the turn, with a clean yet energetic finish. Never before have we had such a high-performance blend that it is both easy and relaxed, active and responsive depending on how you want to ski.

    Blizzard Power S6

    Blizzard Power S6 153 / 160 / 167 / 174

    The Power line offers versatile and highly maneuverable on-piste skis. The time-tested IQ system improves power transmission while reducing vibration and fatigue. The Power S6 woodcore and partial sidewall construction makes the ski extremely precise and stable. The S6 is the ideal equipment for maximum fun in all kinds of snow conditions and on any slope.

    Salomon Cira + Lithium 10

    Salomon Cira + Lithium 10 147 / 154 / 161

    ​Forget about the gear and just have fun! The Salomon Cira is maneuverable in all types of snow, easy to turn, and forgiving when you slip up.

    Nordica Spitfire

    Nordica Spitfire 160 / 168 / 176

    Featuring World Cup performance and the revolutionary ease of Nordica’s EDT anti-torsion system, the Spitfire is built to dominate recreational race leagues with a level of excellence no other ski can match. Add the hold of titanium and a lively woodcore, and you’ve got skiing’s best way to go fast.

    Nordica Fire Arrow

    Nordica Fire Arrow 160 / 168 / 176 / 184

    Fire Arrow skis make powering through high speed, high octane turns as easy as possible. Designed for skiers who value pinpoint precision, energy and edge hold above all else. The Fire Arrow is the ultimate ski for on piste performance.

  • Big Mtn/Powder

    Blizzard Peacemaker

    Blizzard Peacemaker 165 / 172 / 179 / 186

    The Peacemaker is Blizzard’s versatile, everyday Twin Tip ski - perfect for bell-to-bell, front-side skiing. This is your go-to ski to slide through tree runs, spin park laps, bump through moguls, carve groomers, and search for powder stashes. The Peacemaker does it all. At 104mm underfoot with early rise in the tip and tail, the Peacemaker is a narrower version than the acclaimed Gunsmoke. Full wood Flipcore construction and camber underfoot give the Peacemaker a lively feel in turns, stable platform for stomps, and grippy edges for firm snow. There’s no fight in the Peacemaker, and you’ll be blown away at how easy this ski is every day of the winter.

    Salomon Rocker² 122

    Salomon Rocker² 122 170 / 174 / 180 / 192

    The Salomon Rocker2 122 Skis are feared and revered deep day menaces. These snow slaying pow sticks have what it takes to keep you afloat on the deepest days, so you can continue living the dream. Waist deep pillow line? No problem. Opening day face shots? Bring ‘em on. The combination of Twin Rocker and a 122 mm waist provide maximum flotation while slight camber underfoot gives you the stability you want for responsive turns on harder snow. Honeycomb and edge-free tip and tail make for crazy low swing weight, so you can shifty your way to stardom. Take control of the mountain this season with the Salomon Rocker2 122 Skis.​

    Atomic Automatic 109

    Atomic Automatic 109 175 / 182 / 189

    Atomic’s most versatile powder freeride ski, the Atomic Automatic 109 Skis substitute lighter Carbon Sprocket Power Boosters for the Titanium ones in the Automatic 117, and the reduced waist width makes edge to edge transfer easier. Great for fresh but not super deep days, tree skiing, and busting through chop, the Atomic Automatic 109 Skis are among the best “quiver of one” choices out there.

    4FRNT Hoji

    4FRNT Hoji 171 / 179 / 187 / 195

    Welcome to Eric Hjorleifson’s “go-to” signature ski. Inspired by the success of the matching sidecut and rocker radii, or ReflectTechTM, that the Renegade employs, Eric went back to the drawing board. The squashed pintail sinks into the snow allowing a more forward mounting position, and centered and balanced feel. The nimble and responsive HOJI produces a powder skiing sensation unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Powerful enough to charge spines in AK and light enough for you to have the fire stoked at the yurt before your friends get there.

    4FRNT Kye

    4FRNT Kye 174 / 181 / 188

    The KYE 110 provides maximum versatility. Scaled down tail rocker and camber underfoot make the KYE 110 a highly stable one-ski quiver. The 110 is stiffer than the 120 providing stability and confidence in big mountain descents as well as spring crud conditions around the resort. In three lengths: 188 cm, 181 cm, and 174 cm. There’s a KYE 110 that’s right for you.

    Nordica Patron

    Nordica Patron 177 / 185 / 193

    A perennial favorite of powder hungry shredders that still want the control and maneuverability of a much narrower ski, the Nordica Patron Skis transition seamlessly from the morning powder rush to afternoon chop thanks to the 113 mm waist and an energy-packed carbon fiber layup. Significant tip and tail rocker keep the Nordica Patron Skis loose and playful in the good stuff, but once on edge, the Hammerhead Nose comes into play, locking you into smooth, G-Force worthy turns back to the chairlift for refills.​

  • Touring

    Salomon Q BC Lab

    Salomon Q BC Lab 176 / 184

    The Salomon Q BC Lab ski is a thing of beauty. The Q BC Lab balances lightweight construction and climbing features with downhill performance. In the Q BC Lab, Salomon brings out a super versatile platform for backcountry exploration; stability, control, and light weight all in one package.​

    Dynastar Cham 107

    Dynastar Cham 107 166 / 175 / 184 / 190

    Every freerider needs a go-to all mountain ski, one that will handle any conditions thrown at it with confidence. For a lot of the population of the Chamonix valley including many pros and mountain guides, that would be the Dynastar Cham 107 Skis. Wide enough to handle fresh conditions, but super agile in tight chutes and with impeccable edge grip on ice, the Cham 107 handles it all. You simply need to keep up.​

  • Standard

    Salomon X-Drive Focus + Lithium 10

    Salomon X-Drive Focus + Lithium 10 130 / 140 / 150 / 160 / 165

    This is the most forgiving, easy to control model in the new X-Drive range. A ski designed to inspire maximum confidence from the first turns and to let you etch turns on groomed runs with complete ease.

    Salomon X-Drive 7.5R + Lithium 10

    Salomon X-Drive 7.5R + Lithium 10 175

    The Salomon X-Drive 75 ski is a all-day, all-mountain carving comfort ski. The X-Drive 75 is forgiving, easy to control, and likes to make short snappy turns.

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