BCA Avalanche Ranch

Thinking about going out into the backcountry but feeling like your skills are a little rusty? We've got good news for you!

Avalanche Ranch is suitable for all ages

The newly opened Avalanche Ranch lets you test out your skills before heading into the backcountry. The updated BCA Transceiver Training Basin located at the top of the gondola features a new and improved wireless platform.

How does it work?

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It’s simple - just get off at the top of the gondola and you’ll see the big Avalanche Ranch sign and roped off area.

Head over there and open the grey box on the sign post, follow the instructions in the black box and sharpen up your transceiver skills!

Avalanche Ranch is generously supported by Backcountry Access. BCA supply high-quality, affordable avalanche safety equipment to R Gear, RMR's retail store located in the Village. Drop by our rental department and check out BCA's avalanche gear in action - BCA backpacks, shovels, and probes are available to all guests renting touring equipment.

BCA Airbag Refills

Visit R Gear - our retail store and certified airbag refill station.

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