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The Pipe Mountain Coaster

Turn up the heat this summer and take a ride on Revelstoke's #1 summer attraction! Our two Mountain Coaster Tracks will take you for an exhilarating ride of twists and turns across ski runs, between glades and through a tunnel. You have the opportunity to travel up to 42 kilometres per hour but the power lies in your hands. This family-friendly ride allows you to control your own speed, making it ideal for people of all ages.

Thanks for a great season!

The Pipe Mountain Coaster is scheduled to reopen on May 31, 2024. 

Experience Revelstoke's No. 1 Summer Attraction.

Travel Up To 42km/hr

This exhilarating ride will get any adventure seeker's adrenaline pumping.

Two Exciting Tracks*

Each track is 1.4 km in length and features countless twists and turns, plus a tunnel.

The Speed Is In Your Hands

This family-friendly ride allows you to control your own speed, making it ideal for people of all ages.

Pipe Mountain Coaster Video Pipe Mountain Coaster Video
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Pipe Mountain Coaster

Two Thrilling Tracks

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  • To ride alone you must be at least 4'1" or taller and 8 years old.
  • To ride a cart with a passenger, you must be at least 19 years of age.
  • Only drivers, not passengers, can operate the brake lever.
  • Passengers must be 3 to 9 years old and a minimum height of 96cm/3'2".
  • Passengers must be no taller than the driver's shoulders while seated.
  • The combined maximum weight capacity per cart is 118kg (260lbs).
  • Riders must have sufficient physical dexterity, ability, and knowledge to safely load, ride, and unload the cart.
  • Not recommended for pregnant women and those with pre-existing neck or back injuries.
  • Up to two riders per cart - each rider is required to purchase a ticket.
  • Riders must wear seatbelts at all times and keep their arms and legs within the cart.
  • Handheld devices including phones and action cameras are not permitted. If you wish to use an action camera, you must use a chest harness or head mount.
  • A maximum speed of 42kph will be managed by a push-to-go forward brake and a centrifugal brake.
  • Carts are not to stop or come into contact while on the track. Riders must keep a minimum distance of 40m away from other carts.
  • The Pipe Mountain Coaster may need to be suspended temporarily or closed during any rain, thunderstorms, lightning or high winds, and will reopen as soon as safe operations can be assured.
  • No smoking or intoxication is permitted while riding.
  • Locals discount available. Inquire at Guest Services for details. Revelstoke proof of address is required.
  • Lower gondola access is included with your ride ticket for The Pipe Mountain Coaster.
  • Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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