The Pipe Mountain Coaster

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Turn up the heat this summer and take a ride on Revelstoke's #1 summer attraction. This exhilarating ride is 1.4 km of twists and turns across ski runs, between glades and through a tunnel while traveling up to 42km/hour.


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    • Pipe Mountain Coaster 2019 Operating Hours
      September 3 - September 29
      Oct 5, 6, 12, 13, 14
      9:00am - 5:00pm
      Pipe Mountain Coaster Tickets
        Rider (8+) Passenger (3-12)†
      1 Ride $25 $10
      2 Rides $33 $16
      3 Rides $39 $20
      All Pipe Mountain Coaster Tickets include complimentary access to the Lower Revelation Gondola.

      † Passengers must be 3 to 12 years old and a minimum of 96cm (3' 2") tall. Maximum weight capacity per cart is 118kg (260lbs). Minimum of 16 years of age to ride with a passenger in the cart. Passengers must be no taller than the driver's shoulders. To ride alone you must be 8 years of age or older, and 4' 1" or taller. See Important Information tab for full details.
    • Your fun begins with a scenic treetop ride on our Gondola with dramatic views to the starting line outside Revelation Lodge. Looking down the Columbia Valley, your palms will sweat, and your pulse will race as you prepare yourself for what lies ahead.

      The adventure begins right out of the starting gate; after buckling into the cart, you push forward to release the brakes. Ahead of you lies a steep drop that dives right into an ominous tunnel; from there, you descend 279 vertical metres (915 feet) over 1.4 kilometres (0.87 miles) of high-speed rail, twisting and turning across ski runs and through the forest all the way to the finish line in the Resort Village.

      Not just for the adrenaline junkie, this family-friendly ride allows you to control your own speed - letting you choose between a relaxing cruise or a white-knuckled all-out track attack! The unique cart design allows you to ride individually or tandem with small children. Since you have 100% control over your excitement factor, it is great for all ages – just be warned you are going to want to ride it again and again.

      Nothing like a thrill ride to work up an appetite. Good news! A full breakfast buffet with stunning valley views is waiting at Revelation Lodge, our timber-framed day lodge located at the top of the Revelation Gondola and just metres away from the new Mountain Coaster. Relax on the sun-soaked outdoor deck and take in the panoramic view of the Monashee Mountains and Columbia River; the perfect way to cap off The Pipe Mountain Coaster!

      • Gondola access is included with your ride ticket for The Pipe.
      • Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.
      • To ride alone you must be 8 years of age or older, and 4' 1" or taller. Maximum weight capacity per cart is 118kg (260lbs). Minimum of 16 years of age to ride with a passenger in the cart. Passengers must be 3 to 12 years old and a minimum of 96cm (3' 2") tall. Passengers must be no taller than the driver's shoulders. No upper height limit on single riders.
      • Handheld devices including phones and action cameras are not permitted. If you wish to use an action camera, you must use a chest harness or headmount.
      • Locals' discount available. Inquire at Guest Services for details. Revelstoke proof of address required.
      • A maximum speed of 42kph will be managed by a push to go forward brake and a centrifugal brake.
      • Riders must have sufficient physical dexterity, ability and knowledge to safely load, ride and unload the coaster.
      • The Pipe Mountain Coaster may need to be suspended temporarily or closed during any rain, thunderstorms, lightning or high winds. The Pipe Mountain Coaster will reopen as soon as safe operations can be assured.
      • Riders must wear seatbelts at all times and keep their arms and legs within the cart.
      • Carts are not to stop or come into contact while on the track. Riders must keep a minimum distance of 40m away from other carts.
      • Up to two riders per cart - each rider is required to purchase a ticket.
      • No smoking or intoxication is permitted while riding the Mountain Coaster.
      • The Pipe is not recommended for pregnant women and those with pre-existing neck or back injuries.
    • Frequently Asked Questions: The Pipe Mountain Coaster

      The Pipe is fun for all ages! Photo: Ian Houghton

      By now, you've probably heard the stats: 1.4 km of singletrack rail winding through the forest at speeds of up to 42 km/hour. Riding The Pipe is a thrilling ride for both adrenaline junkies, and mellow cruisers because YOU control your own speed. It's easy and fun for everyone but beware - once you cross the finish line, you'll want to go again!

      If the stats have piqued your interest, but you need more details, here is a list of some of our most frequently asked questions. 

      Is the gondola ride included in my Pipe ticket or do I need to buy that separately? Access to the Lower Gondola is included with all Pipe tickets free of charge. Your Pipe ticket gives you unlimited lower gondola access for the day.

      If I buy a ticket online, can I pre-book a ride time? No, you cannot make reservations for a specific time. The Pipe is operated on a first-come first-served basis. We can't reserve times because everyone travels at a different speed on The Pipe. If you are planning on visiting on a weekend or during summer holidays we recommend arriving as early as possible in case it is busy.

      If I purchase a 2 Ride ticket, do I have to wait in line after each ride? Yes, after you complete your first ride, you'll have to line up again. The ticket scanners will give you a new loading number for your second ride.

      I bought tickets online, how do I receive/collect them? You will need to collect them from the Guest Services office in the Village Plaza or from R Gear, the retail store at the base of the gondola. Make sure to present your order confirmation document along with some photo ID to collect them.

      Are my tickets refundable? We can offer a rain check or a refund if The Pipe is closed due to inclement weather. Other than this, tickets are non-refundable.

      How will I know it's my turn to ride The Pipe? Whether you've purchased your tickets online, or are purchasing tickets the day-of, you need to head to the base of the gondola with your tickets when you arrive at the resort. A Pipe crew member there will give you a loading number. The numbers being called to ride will be displayed on TV screens at the base of the gondola and on our website.

      How do I know if there is a wait time? Live updates on wait times are listed on the TV monitors located throughout the resort and on our website.

      What is the minimum age to ride The Pipe? Children 3 years old and up (who are 3'2" or taller) can ride the Pipe with a driver who is 16 or over, provided the passenger is no taller than the driver's shoulders when seated. Children who are 8 and over (and at least 4'2" tall) can ride alone.

      Are there other restrictions? The total weight in each cart can't exceed 260lbs. The Pipe isn't recommended for people with existing neck or back injuries, or people who don't have the dexterity or grip strength to operate the brake. It is also not recommended for pregnant women as the seat belt is secured tightly across the hips. There is no upper height limit for single riders.

      Can I bring my dog with me on the gondola and/or The Pipe? Dogs are not permitted on either the gondola or The Pipe, due to safety concerns. There is a hiking trail to the day lodge where you are welcome to take your dog on a leash. Please note that there is not much shade in the village and the resort does not offer any dog sitting services.

      Do I need any special equipment or clothing to ride The Pipe? No special clothing or footwear is required to ride The Pipe. You might want to leave backpacks and baseball caps behind though!

      Can I take my camera? If your camera has a mount that can be attached to you, then yes! Handheld devices are not permitted as both hands are needed to operate the cart.

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