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Carrying a brand new selection of boards and boots from coveted brands such as Salomon, Jones and Never Summer.

Our rental fleet includes a wide range of high performance snowboards designed for riding the big mountain terrain that Revelstoke is known for.

  • All Mountain

    Never Summer Harpoon

    Available Lengths: 159 cm

    The perfect mix of the Maverix and Instagator in one perfect board. It’s the best performing, tapered, volume board ever imagined. Nimble and smooth with freakish stability and amazing float. Find out more about this board »

    Never Summer Shaper Twin

    Available Lengths: 156 cm

    The Shaper Twin is dominating the freestyle category with its exceptional performance in every terrain ventured. It's ripsaw rocker camber means aggressive edge hold, snappy turns and huge pop. Find out more about this board »

    Never Summer Proto Synthesis

    Available Lengths: 157 / 160 cm

    The Proto Synthesis features NeverSummer's new Shockwave Rocker Camber Profile with even longer camber areas for huge pop and stability. More camber than any other snowboard on the market. A smaller Rocker area retains our hallmark quick turn initiation and float. Find out more about this board »

    Never Summer Infinity
    Never Summer Infinity

    Available Lengths: 141 / 142 cm

    This award winning, high performance board is the go anywhere, do anything choice for women. An all terrain deck that handles hardpack, powder, natural features and park, the Infinity delivers the quality you deserve from a Never Summer. Hands down this is the most versatile women's all mountain snowboard!

    Never Summer West
    Never Summer West

    Available Lengths: 156 / 159 / 160 / 164 cm

    Directional performance balanced for freestyle mobility, the West is equally at home ripping quick turns, slashing pow or catching air. Versatility as expansive as the land itself.

    Jones Flagship
    Jones Flagship W

    Available Lengths: 148 / 159 / 161 / 162 cm

    The Flagship excels in steep, technical terrain and is widely known as one of the most confidence-inspiring freeride boards on the planet. Featuring a blunt nose, freestyle tail and Spoon 3.0 base contours, the Flagship floats, stomps, or straight lines with unbelievable precision.

    Jones Stratos

    Available Lengths: 153/ 156 / 159/ 161 / 162 cm

    The Stratos has a playful board feel thanks to a narrow sidecut and friendly flex, but the 10mm of taper and 3D Contour Base 3.0 give it the float and turn performance of a pow board. The directional rocker profile and Traction Tech 3.0 keep the Stratos locked on edge accelerating into carves and the textured Eco-plastic topsheet and Basalt stringers add torsional response and reduce board chatter in rough terrain.

    Jones Mind Expander
    Jones Flagship W

    Available Lengths: 158 cm

    The Mind Expander is an alternative all-mountain board that wants to slash every terrain feature in sight. For playful float in pow the Mind Expander features a Surf Rocker profile, a 3D Contour Base 3.0 and a hybrid directional shape. The blunted nose, full size tail and tight sidecut offer the nimble maneuverability of a directional board matched with the freestyle abilities of a directional twin.

    Jones Dream Catcher (Women's)

    Available Lengths: 153/ 156 / 159/ 161 / 162 cm

    The Dream Catcher is a women's all-mountain board built for riders looking for a high-performance directional freeride shape and a friendly flex. The Dream Catcher is stable, confidence-inspiring, yet soft enough to be playful in any terrain.

    Salomon Rumble Fish
    Salomon Rumble Fish

    Available Lengths: 144 / 148 cm

    A Women's specific quiver killer fusing our most progressive powder and freestyle board constructions. Designed for float in pow, stability at high-speed groomers, and playful park performance. Highlighting Popster Booster to serve up a smooth ride.

    Salomon Assassin
    Salomon Assassin

    Available Lengths: 156 / 159 / 163 cm

    A true killer of quivers and slayer of the all-mountain category. Offering a perfectly balanced flex for response and control, plus cork rails and basalt in-lays for ultimate performance. Lastly, thanks to the Assassin Snowboard's directional twin shape and Quadralizer sidecut, you can handle anything in your path while the Sintered EG base keeps your speedometer topped out.

    Salomon Assassin Pro

    Available Lengths: 156 / 158 cm

    The versatile all-mountain Assassin PRO is a directional twin built with Salomon's top of the line technology, making it a ride-anything solution with unrivaled performance for, float in pow, stability at high-speeds, and poppy off of jumps. Find out more about this board »

    Salomon First Call

    Available Lengths: 162 cm

    A tapered twin with a need for speed, the First Call features an aspen core that's all about going fast, staying stable and being on the mountain longer. With a legendary profile designed by Wolfgang Nyvelt that features Rock Out Camber throughout, the Salomon First Call Snowboard takes your ride to the next level. Find out more about this board »

  • Powder

    Jones Ultracraft
    Jones Ultracraft

    Available Lengths: 160 cm

    Tested on Denali and the Grand Teton, the performance of the Ultracraft has been proven on some of the heaviest splitboard mountaineering achievements on the planet. The Ultracraft features the same trim and powerful shape as the revolutionary Hovercraft but it is built using a carbon topsheet, carbon core inserts and Jones' top secret 'Ultra Construction' technology.

    Jones Hovercraft
    Jones Hovercraft W

    Available Lengths: 148 / 156 / 160 cm

    The Hovercraft is a pow-seeking missile for riders who chase fresh tracks all over the mountain. The blunt nose and directional rocker of the Hovercraft deliver supreme float in the soft stuff while the pint-sized dimensions keep the Hovercraft fast and maneuverable in tight situations. 3D-base beveling on the tail edges keep you from hooking on the hard pack when the conditions aren't quite as epic.

    Jones Lone Wolf

    Available Lengths: 168 cm

    In powder, the Lone Wolf’s 3D Contour Base 3.0 and Directional Rocker profile offer unsinkable float. The Lone Wolf also features a Bamboo Surf Core for better edge response and Rounded Recycled ABS Sidewalls for improved topsheet durability.

    Never Summer Big Gun
    Jones Flagship W

    Available Lengths: 174 cm 

    Built big for the burliest conditions, the Big Gun is crafted with a Fusion Rocker Camber profile for stability and finesse in the most demanding conditions. With an extended transition area in the nose and an aggressive flex rating, this big gun is ideal for heady turns and high speeds on consequential terrain.

    Never Summer Swift
    Jones Hovercraft W

    Available Lengths: 157 cm

    When it first came out, the Swift was designed to be the greatest POW board of all time, but it quickly became the go anywhere do anything ripping machine. The biggest taper of the series and a hefty dose of Never Summer tech means this board performs well in and out of the soft stuff. An easy choice for big mountain, directional shred bosses everywhere.

    Salomon Sick Stick
    Salomon Sick Stick

    Available Lengths: 151 / 160 / 162 cm

    Hope you've been saving up those sick days because the Salomon Sickstick Snowboard won't let you miss a pow storm. Sustainable construction and tapered design will charge though any terrain and offer ultimate pop and float for huge backcountry air and surfing the white waves.

    Salomon Pillow Talk
    Salomon  Pillow Talk

    Available Lengths: 145 / 151W cm

    Built wide and tapered for the deepest of days with Rock Out Camber for ultimate control. Enjoy the fresh morning pow followed by incredible edge control and speed on the groomers. This women's specific board opens up a whole new world of snowboarding, at the confluence of freeride and freestyle riding.

  • Snowboard Boots

    Burton Imperial Boa

    These boots are made with strong, lightweight S4 shell panels that distribute strap pressure and give smooth, consistent flex season after season. Quick, easy lacing comes as standard with the Speed Zone™ lacing system so step in, strap up and get ready to rule the mountain.

    Salomon Kiana Boa / Kiana Dual Boa 

    The Kiana uses Fit To Ride construction, offering superior comfort and a lightweight design without sacrificing durability. ZoneLock lacing offers a dual-zone lacing system that focuses on upper and lower sections of the boot allowing the rider to customize the boots wrapping support.

    Salomon Faction RTL Boa

    Are you tired of the time it takes to lace up your boots? If you answered yes, meet The Faction BOA. With our most functional boot, featuring the Silver Fit liner, AutoFit Foam, an arsenal of cutting edge materials and details, plus a BOA lacing system, you won't waste any time tying knots with these bad boys in your boot bag.

    Salomon Synapse Focus Boa

    The all-mountain performance boot without question. The dual zone Synapse Focus BOA features a Platinum Exhale Liner that breathes when feet overheat and helps defy the cold weather. Stacked with tech for traction, support, and a custom fit right out of the box.

    Salomon Launch Boa Jr 

    Designed for riders aged 9-13 years old, this medium flex boot is maneuverable and forgiving. Great for beginner/intermediate riders or for advanced riders who prefer a looser, more skate-like feel. The BOA closure system allows quick and easy boot tightening and a secure foot hold.

    Standard Boots

    Our standard boots are the Burton Progression, focused on your comfort while providing a reliable boot for all types of riders. These boots are the ultimate all-rounders - the Quick Lace System locks in place, so the boots remain solid all day.

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