Revelstoke has the longest descent in North America, but we haven’t lost sight of our roots from the top.

It doesn’t take long to be seduced by Revelstoke’s charm. Over 120 years of skiing history has become part of the town’s fabric, creating a community that celebrates winter in all its forms. If you live for snow, welcome home. Revelstoke holds the record for the most snowfall in Canada in a single winter at 80 ft or a whopping 2,438 cm, and the Resort's slopes are blanketed in an average of 10.5 metres of powder every winter.

Not everyone can stay forever, but those who have visited will tell you; you may leave Revelstoke, but you’ll never forget it. At its core, Revelstoke has three defining pillars that keep loyal snow seekers coming back year after year: Big mountain terrain, legendary powder and small-town charm. 

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