Revelstoke is known for more than its legendary powder. Experience our world-class groomers with picture-perfect corduroy.

Local Faves

  • Stoke Chair: Snow Rodeo, Bread & Butter, Critical Path
  • Ripper Chair: Burn Down, Chopper, Sally Alley
  • Stellar Chair: Big Bend, Boon Docker, Practically Pro

2020-01-23 01:18:52

Stoke Chair

Name Status
The Last Spike Groomed
Greenhorn Groomed
Ripper Connector Groomed
Hollywood Groomed
Critical Path Groomed
Bread & Butter Groomed
Snow Rodeo Groomed
Pitch Black Groomed
Devil's Club Open
Hot Sauce Open
Terrain Park Groomed

Stellar chair

Big Bend Groomed
Over Easy Groomed
Bacon & Eggs Groomed
Boondocker Groomed
Practically Pro Groomed

Ripper chair

Downtowner Groomed
Burn Down Groomed
Blow Down Open
Sally Alley Groomed
Chopper Open

Stoke Base to Revelation Lodge

Name Status
The Last Spike Groomed
Sunshine Groomed
Little Bit Groomed
Snow Rodeo Groomed
Fast Fred's Groomed
Feller Buncher Groomed
Wooley Bully Groomed
Devil's Club Open
Short Final Open
Lightning Rod Open
Pitch Black Open
Cannonball Open
Hickory Run Groomed
Short Shot Groomed

Revelation Lodge to Village Base

The Last Spike Groomed
Tickle Trunk Groomed
Home Run Open
Locomotion Open
Tumbelina Open
Snow Rodeo Open
Devil's Club Open
Follow Me Open

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